At PERSIMASTER SL we offer various blind holder models to provide the best solutions for the different needs of the market: Profiled aluminium blind holders (137, 150, 165, 180) PVC blind holders (155, 170, 185, 200, 225); possibility of combining with extruded aluminium profiles. Blind holders feature a straight front cover, but if desired our 155 […]


Aluminium and PVC Blinds

At PERSIMASTER SL, we have both aluminium and PVC slats. This type of product is mainly intended for replacing splayed slats. We can make blinds with different types of slats: PVC-45R and PVC-50C slats. Profiled aluminium slat, model A-45R. Extruded aluminium slat, model E-40, E-39 Self-blocking, E-40 Self-blocking. We also provide all the fittings for blind assembly, […]



At PERSIMASTER SL, we are aware of the vital importance of light control in interior spaces and are therefore committed to decorative blinds. We provide a great variety of solutions, including a wide range in Venetian and vertical blinds. These products also stand out for their design and functionality, providing a high degree of comfort and a […]



At PERSIMASTER SL, we specialise in tubular motors for rolling blinds. We have a wide range of tubular motors, both standard motors and remote-controlled motors. We have standard motors, with mechanical limit switches and different power settings, that can work with any type of rolling blind. We also have motors that can be operated manually with a […]


Chain roller blinds

At PERSIMASTER SL, we also have a traditional system of chain roller blinds, including: Chain roller blinds made of PVC with reinforced hitch system. Chain roller blinds made of highly resistant wood and with a subsequent acrylic coating giving the wood excellent hydrophobic properties. All of these are good solutions for adjusting sunlight in a home, and […]


Blind Hardware

At PERSIMASTER SL, we have blind accessories designed for professionals. Their design and technology make these products durable, easy to use and quick to install. All of them are available in a great variety of finishes, which makes it easy to match woodwork.