Blinds > Motorisation

At PERSIMASTER SL, we specialise in tubular motors for rolling blinds. We have a wide range of tubular motors, both standard motors and remote-controlled motors.

We have standard motors, with mechanical limit switches and different power settings, that can work with any type of rolling blind. We also have motors that can be operated manually with a crank in power outage situations.

Within the remote-controlled motors, we can highlight the following functions:

  • Automatic programming of limit switches.
  • Automatic detection of obstacles during blind descent.
  • Automatic detection of anomalous resistances when raising them.
  • Blind blocking when closed (together with rigid straps), increasing anti-intrusion protection.
  • Easily programmable intermediate point.
  • Synching new remotes through the original.
  • Possibility of recognising a new main remote in the event of loss or deterioration of the original, through the motor.
  • Possibility of connection to a unipolar pushbutton.