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At PERSIMASTER SL we offer various blind holder models to provide the best solutions for the different needs of the market:

  • Profiled aluminium blind holders (137, 150, 165, 180)
  • PVC blind holders (155, 170, 185, 200, 225); possibility of combining with extruded aluminium profiles.

Blind holders feature a straight front cover, but if desired our 155 and 185 models come with a decorative cover, either in PVC or extruded aluminium, with an insulating profile that provides better thermal and acoustic features.

Incorporating extrusion covers to blind holders allows us to match woodwork colour and ensure a uniform colour for the entire window.

Compact products can be mounted with different types of slats:

  • PVC-39C slat.
  • Aluminium profiled slat, model A-45C.
  • Extruded aluminium slat, model E-40, E-39 Self-blocking and E-40 Self-blocking.

We also boast a wide range of blind tracks, providing our clients with a solution to each of their needs.

We also offer a wide variety of finishes, both wood imitations, RAL colour card, Futura colour card and anodised coatings. Our lacquers and anodised coatings come with the QUALICOAT and QUALANOD quality seal, respectively.