Glass Firewall

FUEGO GLASS SOLUTION® registered PERSIMASTER SL, trademark, meets the most complex demands for fire protection glass, providing Pilkington brand fire protection glass. We boast the most advanced technology and our production is continually audited by independent certification bodies, such as passive fire protection product certification company CERTIFIRE, allowing us to deliver a high-quality and CE-certified product. Thanks to […]


Flat Glass

At PERSIMASTER SL we are distributors of flat glass from our automated warehouse with the latest technology. This distribution can be by the pane and custom-cut, both for laminated and monolithic glass.


Double Glazing

At PERSIMASTER SL we are specialists in double-glazed or insulating chamber glass under our  IBERGLASS® brand. These glazings feature two glass panes joined by a profile, called a spacer, forming a sealed insulating chamber. This glazing enhances the insulation conditions both thermally and acoustically, according to customer requirements. By combining the insulating glazing thicknesses and glass composition we can […]



At PERSIMASTER SL we offer a wide range of tempered glass products, both flat and curved, sold under our TEMPLAMASTER® brand. Tempered glass is a glass which has been subjected to a heating process of up to 700° and is cooled quickly and in a controlled manner. This gives the glass mechanical properties almost five times higher […]



At PERSIMASTER SL, our staff is highly qualified, with more than 35 years of expertise working with glass, and one of our top areas of expertise is the process of lamination and manufacture of laminated glass. Laminated glass is a glass composed of two or more glass layers joined by a plastic sheet, which is melted by […]



At PERSIMASTER SL we have extensive experience in manufacturing curved glass using two different techniques: Curved tempered; during tempering with mould-against-mould, the glass adopts the designed curvature when it completes the rapid cooling process, resulting in tempered and curved glass. Curved with mould (not tempered); subjecting glass to high temperatures reaching the material’s elastic limit. It […]


LCD. Privacy Glass

PERSIMASTER SL is constantly advancing and developing new products. We have launched a new product in our laminated glass family: a laminated glass with an LCD film. This opaque glass allows users to make it transparent at the turn of a switch. When “On”, the electric current causes molecules to align, allowing light through and becoming […]


Decorative glass

PERSIMASTER SL excels at the manufacture and distribution of decorative glasses, paying special attention to the range of matte glasses — both smooth and decorated. The MATEVID® product (acid-decorated glass) is highly valued for its design and quality. The family of decorated glass is: Matte Glass Old and Stained Glass Resin-decorated glass Glass with sandblasted designs


Glass blocks

PERSIMASTER SL distributes traditional  PAVES and solid POESIA glass blocks. We keep a permanent stock of various sizes and colours, as well as the finishing pieces and their fittings. We also have windows for this type of window system.


Profile, U-Glass Type

PERSIMASTER SL distributes profiled glass together with the range of accessories needed for the assembly of this constructive system. We boast an extensive stock to offer fast and effective service. It is a U-shaped cast glass — a very versatile construction material, due to its wide application from the facade to the interior of the building. […]


Window seals

At PERSIMASTER SL, we know that the basis of a good finish is high-quality items and raw materials, so we deploy a wide range of glazing seals, which guarantee the optimal finish and operation of glass installations, as well as long durability.


Glass hardware

At PERSIMASTER SL, we are aware that glass, by its nature, requires  a series of pieces, accessories and items that guarantee safety and aesthetics in its finishes. For this reason, we offer and distribute a wide range of items that guarantee meeting your assembly and security needs.