Glass Firewall

FUEGO GLASS SOLUTION® registered PERSIMASTER SL, trademark, meets the most complex demands for fire protection glass, providing Pilkington brand fire protection glass. We boast the most advanced [...]

Flat Glass

At PERSIMASTER SL we are distributors of flat glass from our automated warehouse with the latest technology. This distribution can be by the pane and custom-cut, both for laminated and monolithic [...]

Double Glazing

At PERSIMASTER SL we are specialists in double-glazed or insulating chamber glass under our  IBERGLASS® brand. These glazings feature two glass panes joined by a profile, called a spacer, forming [...]


At PERSIMASTER SL we offer a wide range of tempered glass products, both flat and curved, sold under our TEMPLAMASTER® brand. Tempered glass is a glass which has been subjected to a heating [...]


At PERSIMASTER SL, our staff is highly qualified, with more than 35 years of expertise working with glass, and one of our top areas of expertise is the process of lamination and manufacture of [...]


At PERSIMASTER SL we have extensive experience in manufacturing curved glass using two different techniques: Curved tempered; during tempering with mould-against-mould, the glass adopts the [...]

Glass blocks

PERSIMASTER SL distributes traditional  PAVES and solid POESIA glass blocks. We keep a permanent stock of various sizes and colours, as well as the finishing pieces and their fittings. We also [...]

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